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What Do You Know About Africa?


How Many African Cultures Are You Familiar With?


Who Is The Most Famous African You Know?


Which Part of Africa is Your Ancestors From?

4) Africa The Beautiful...?


Due to the ignorance of Africa by American blacks, many blacks have not even considered Africa as a vacationing spot.  


Are you one of those people?


If so, why?  


If not, which African country  have you thought about visiting?  

Formerly Disputed African Kingdoms


Kush (Nubia):  European American scholars did not want to admit to the black kingdoms in northern Africa because doing so would disprove the theories of black inferiority and of a white north Africa.  Evidence could no longer be denied.  


Great Zimbabwe:  Scholars did not want to believe that sub-Saharan Africans created such magnificient stone structures.  They tried to attribute it to Arab invaders.  Evidence later proved these structures were of African origin.


Before modern racism, European scholars knew the ancient Egyptians as a black people and knew of the early black presence around the globe.  Unbiased scholars continued to admit this well into the early 1900s.  At some point, even the admittance of our ancient greatness was revoked.  

Currently Undisputed African Kingdoms




Kush (Nubia)


Great Zimbabwe


Zulu And Many Others....

Currently Disputed African Kingdoms


Kemet (Egypt):  European American scholars go as far as trying to separate North Africa from the African continent.  When they speak of sub-Saharan countries,  they use the continental term Africa.  When they speak of Egypt they use the country name Egypt.  Some have even gone as far as to say that Egypt was not in Africa, but in North Africa or the Middle East.


When looking upon the painting of a black Egyptian, the European American scholar will say the skin is tanned and not black.  


When asked why some of the Egyptians cut off their hair and wore Nubian wigs, the European scholars would say it was to prevent lice. The truth is that black women cut off their hair and wore wigs then, and still do to this very day.


One of the most fascinating phenomenon observed is the ease of which non-black cultures claim African history as their own, and on the same token, ridicule the black scholar when he finds evidence which proves African origins of a European, Middle Eastern or Asian culture.  


Most Americans were taught by these racist instructors and still believe to this very day that white people are the original peoples of North Africa and the Middle East. Never mind the DNA evidence which proved black people populated those areas before white people ever existed.  


Due to such gross perversion practiced by the non-black scholastic community, black students must learn the value of being educated by Afro-centric instructors.


The higher rate of interracial marriage in communities void of a HBCU further communicates the need for an Afro-centric education.

The Great Division


Racial Divisions


African American

African Asian

African European

African Middle Eastern

Black [black is used here to describe those who say they are not African American... we’re being sarcastic]

Black Hispanic

Black & Native American




Financial Divisions



Ghetto Rich



Mental Divisions












Your values and outlook on life can be predicted if the predictor new where you stood on the Great Division Grid.  Knowing also helps us to build bridges of unity.


The most important step of uniting a people is finding a common prize to be won.  

Note: One drop of black blood does not make you black.  There are certain groups within our divisions who would like to be considered something other than black for applicable reasons.  Allow them to go.  Their presence further causes our division.  

African Kingdoms   The Anthroblogogist  200,000 Year Old Civilization in South Africa


Note: When researching, you will find conflicting information due to updates and racism.



South Sudan is now the newest country in the world!  The many years of civil war with the Islamic north has finally split the country in two.  Many people believe this country is doomed for failure because it is amongst the most underdeveloped.   This is a great time for non-immigrant Africans and African descendants.  


All people of African descent around the world need to band together and make sure this country succeed!  This country is the seat of the Kushite (Nubian) empire.  It is the brother of Kemet (Egypt).  These Africans are a part of the original peoples of North Africa.... And they are being systematically killed.  


The success or failure of this country should not be taken lightly in the black communities.  Think about it!  


Click to join African Americans for the Success of South Sudan!

And by her lips she spoke...


200,000 Year Old Civilization in South Africa